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SA8000 Policy (Social Accountability Standard)

Social Accountability Standard Policy on Labor (SA8000) of HBC Products Industries Co., Ltd.
HBC Products Industries Co., Ltd. is in the business of manufacturing body deodorant products and realizes that our sustainable business growth depends on the cooperation of employees at every level, who are quality human resources according to the related labor standards. Our company also puts in place a labor standard management system and social responsibility to ensure that all employees are given protection in accordance with the labor laws. Therefore, our products possess quality and are based on social responsibility.
To encourage business operations, the Company determines the labor standard and social accountability policy which is acknowledged and complied with by all employees as follows:
1. The Company is determined to comply with provisions of labor laws, labor standard requirements and other regulations regarding labor and social accountability;
2. The Company is determined in developing quality of life, protecting the welfare of employees, improving and ensuring a safe working environment, and providing employees with appropriate benefits; and
3. The Company continually conducts a review on the labor standard and social accountability policy to conform to changing social circumstances.




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