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Policy of Prevention and Solution to Drug Problems in Establishment

Following the government’s policy of suppression and solution to drug problems to ensure healthiness and well-being of workers and their family members all over the country and to prevent drug problems in establishments that could affect the country’s economy and society, the Company has implemented prevention and solution measures against drug problems in its establishment as follows:
1. Superiors at every level shall be a role model and provide consultation, advice and assistance for employees who have problems as well as provide treatment and rehabilitation to ensure the well-being and healthiness of employees.
2. All employees shall play a role and participate in the Company’s drug prevention and solution campaigns and observe whether there is any illegal object or suspected person inside and outside the Company in order to notify or report to officers, administrative officers or the police immediately.
3. All employees shall cooperate with the Company’s random drug inspection. If detected, such employee shall be given a warning and treatment.
4. The Company is willing to cooperate with the authorities in reporting news, information and behaviors of any persons involved with drugs.




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