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       A "revolution" in personal hygiene

A traditional body deodorant in the East made from natural mineral salts. Crystal Fresh™ is the most superior deodorant available for the mass market product with attractive packaging.

Crystak Fresh™ is fast selling and profitable because of many advantages over conventional chemical deodorants, including cost per use.

Total effectiveness in controlling body odour (by preventing bacterial growth in perspiration) convinces each and every user that Crystal Fresh™ is the only deodorant they will ever need!

Want to know how to use Crystal Fresh™ for your body care, read "How to use"

To request for more information about Crystal Fresh™, send e-mail to use our info request form

All Natural Crystal Body Deodorant Products with 24 Hours Protection

Fragrance Free 
Non-Staining (Contain no Aluminum Chlorohydrate)
Eliminates Odor
Leaves No White Residue
Cruelty Free
Environmentally Safe

Importers and regional distributors are invited to visit us in Bangkok, or fax us for further information...
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