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Hearing Conservation Policy

HBC Products Industries Co., Ltd. is determined and intends to become the leading cosmetics manufacturer, emphasizing quality, safety, environmental protection and employee safety as our employees are the most important resources of the Company’s business operations.
Hearing Conservation Program is one of the employee safety protection and care projects. While working in an area where an average noise level over 8 working hours is above 85 db(A), employees may suffer from hearing loss, so the Company shall reduce such risk as follows:
1. Adjust and control sources of noise under 85 db(A) throughout working hours. If it is not practical, the noise level will be reduced as much as possible.
2. Always measure the average noise level throughout the 8 hour work period to evaluate possible operating areas that should be included in the hearing conservation program.
3. Monitor operations of employees in working areas having an average noise level of above 85 db(A) thorough the 8 hour work period to prevent hearing loss.
4. Communicate with employees about risk areas, provide them with knowledge on noise hazard and protective measures to raise awareness, and provide protection for risk-prone employees.
5. Provide employees with suitable noise reduction equipment with instructions on proper use and provide application training and maintenance technique for effective use.
6. Check hearing ability of risk-prone employees to analyze tendency of hearing loss and select proper preventive and corrective actions.
All employees who work in any area where an average noise level over 8 working hours is above 85 db(A) shall participate in the hearing conservation program and work with safety in mind to prevent noise hazards and reduce the risks of hearing loss.





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